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Opening hours
Wednesday and Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

School holidays from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

Closed on September 26 and public holidays.



Making candles is a fun and relaxing group activity for all ages. Candle workshop Keerf is well suited for hosting groups, like schools, children parties, families, and clubs.

We offer two arrangements:
- The basic arrangment consists of dipping two candles and lasts about one hour.
- The group arrangment consists of dipping two candles and a "drip cave". Furthermore, we offer you a drink and refreshment. This takes about two hours.

Reservations are necessary for groups of 6 people or more (minimum age for children is 7 years). Groups bigger than 30 people will be split up. While one part is making candles, the other half may enjoy a drink in our lounge or on our terrace. It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks. There is also the opportunity to visit the mill or playground.

Group members who do not make candles are obviously welcome. They pay the same amount as the other members and will get two candles.